Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Myspace: A Place For Friends!

I finally gave in. After an inspired treadmill running session, I decided to create an account. I did this for the sole purpose of being able to share my music in the most convenient way possible.

Basically, I’m making a sister site to this one. Page 43 is for my writings on music, myspace is for music I’ve written. I’m going to try to put a mix of stuff on there. I’ll hopefully upload songs from the past and present that I’m not completely embarrassed by. Also, if I can figure it out, there will be classical compositions of mine as well.

This is more a notification than a blog post but I felt I needed to publicize it somewhere. It’s much easier to access music this way than rapidfire and if you really want to have a copy of any of the MP3s, just let me know. Enjoy!

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