Friday, January 1, 2010

Hagstom EP

So I've spent the last few days slaving away on this eighteen minute mini-album. For future reference, here's a handy equation: (perfectionism) + (crappy recording equipment) = (massive frustration). But thankfully I'm done now. That was sooooo last decade.

Anyway, the music is now up on Myspace. The EP consists of the first five songs listed on my page, in order, from "Everything Ersatz" through "The Harbor." The title of the EP comes from the brand of the guitar I just purchased (it's a Swedish company by the way). This electric guitar made up the vast majority of sounds you'll hear on the album. Basically, I wanted to record the best music I could without using anything more fancy than GarageBand on my own computer. I wrote the songs over the past few months, and did almost all of the recording over the past couple of weeks. I recorded bass, electric guitar, keyboard, trumpet and vocals and used pre-recorded loops for the drums. Unlike the heavily acoustic Wiegand EP in May, this one is very much electric.

I hope you like it.

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