Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Music: You Say Tomato EP

For the first time in a year and nine months, I am releasing some brand new music. Being in Hong Kong with a full-time job contributed to this hiatus, but writing music is too important for me push aside for very long. Since I’m not making any fancy packaging for this album, I’ve decided to write the liner notes here on Page 43.

The EP is called You Say Tomato and consists of seven songs over some twenty-three minutes. It’s the most bare-boned of my releases; I used only a guitar, ukulele and occasional kazoo to record the instrumental tracks. The songs themselves were written this spring and summer in my flat when I was able to find the time. I’m not one to discuss what they’re about and how they were inspired—I’d rather you pay attention to the lyrics and make your own interpretation.

I’ve made many new friends since my last album Rhythm of the Void back in 2010 so for those of you who may not know, I’ve been writing and recording songs for about seven years now. I’m so lucky to live in an age where I can plug a little device into a computer to record and after a few clicks, my friends and anyone else with web access can hear what I’ve made. Compare that to a hundred years ago when the only way to hear a musician play was to find them in a concert hall. Or even fifty years ago, when the musician needed to be lucky enough to have a record contract before getting his music published. And after that was distributed many months later, the listener needed to trek to a record store, buy a giant piece of plastic and carefully insert it in his/her turntable. Staggering advances.

I hope you enjoy this EP. I make music for no other reason than to please myself and (hopefully) those around me.

Again, click --> here to download the new songs for free or donation. You can also find my other releases from the past few years there on my Bandcamp site. 

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